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After we finally built a big new office, I knew that we needed to do what we could to make the space warm and welcoming. We started working on finding beautiful art pieces to make the space beautiful, and before we knew it, we had an artist who was excited about creating custom art just for us. He worked hard day and night to finish the commissioned pieces, and by the time they were finished, our entire building was ready for the decorations. This blog is here to help you with choosing great art for your office and knowing how to incorporate them into your normal decor.



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Tips For Choosing A Portrait Artist To Paint A Holiday Portrait Of Your Family

If you take a family photo each year for the holiday season and this year you have decided you want to have a portrait painted instead, then it's important you select the right painter for the job. It's also vital you don't wait for the holiday season to roll around to start the project since paint can take months to dry and cure. It will also take a while for the portrait artist to finish your artwork because one area will need to dry before others can be painted.

To ensure you select just the right painter for your family portrait, follow these tips:

Tip: Contact Your Local Artists' Guild or Association for Referrals to Local Portrait Artists

Since it's unlikely you know any portrait artists in your local area, it's a good idea to start your artist search at the local artists' guild or association. These organizations help artists network in their local areas and share resources. In addition, they also act as referral services for people looking to contact artists, so they make an excellent place to start. 

Tip: Decide How Formal You Want the Portrait to Look

As with most art forms, not all portraits are painted in the same style or medium, and these things greatly affect their style. For example, simple portraits painted with pastels or acrylic paint will look very informal. However, portraits painted with oil will appear very formal.

Before you hire an artist, it's important to decide how formal you want the painting to look. This is largely dependent on where you plan to hang it. For example, portraits hung in a residential home will look more appropriate if they are less formal while portraits painted to hang in a larger family estate should be painted with oil for a more formal appearance.

Tip: Closely Evaluate the Portrait Painter's Other Artwork

One of the best ways you can determine if a portrait painter is right for your own family's painting is to take a close look at all of their other artwork and ask yourself:

  • Do you like the background that was used?
  • Do the people look happy and realistic?
  • Do you like the overall look of the portraits?

When you find a portrait artist's portfolio where you can answer yes to all three of these questions, then it's time to speak with them about the next steps involve in getting your family's holiday painting painted. For more information, check out a website like today.