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After we finally built a big new office, I knew that we needed to do what we could to make the space warm and welcoming. We started working on finding beautiful art pieces to make the space beautiful, and before we knew it, we had an artist who was excited about creating custom art just for us. He worked hard day and night to finish the commissioned pieces, and by the time they were finished, our entire building was ready for the decorations. This blog is here to help you with choosing great art for your office and knowing how to incorporate them into your normal decor.



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Art Deco Furniture Adds a Timeless Style Benefit to a Luxury Car Dealership's Showroom

The art deco movement evolved into something both ironic and timeless. The ironic aspect derives from the movement's modernist intentions. Art deco debuted with a desire to be new and hip. Since the movement is now roughly 100 years old, art deco cannot be called new. However, the movement does feel timeless, since examples of exceptional work never lost their impact. Art deco strives to present a fusion of artistry and function to deliver its impact.

Present-day art deco luxury furniture carries on this approach. The furniture may present an alluring, high-concept look while continuing to be useful furniture. As atypical as an art deco chair looks, a chair is still a chair. You can sit down in one. Luxury vehicles, while not directly influenced by art deco, share similar concepts. Wouldn't be a nice touch to add art deco furniture to a luxury car dealership's showroom?

More Than a Nouveau Look

Luxury cars do something traditional cars don't. Luxury vehicles make a statement about status and style. Modern and stylish looks lead to this statement. Still, the vehicles must perform on the road and do so exceptionally. Style and performance with a high retail price. High prices lead a potential buyer to think carefully about parting with money. Dealership management wants the buyer in the right mindset. Strategically purchased art deco furniture could help direct the buyer's consumer decisions in the desired direction. Here's where the irony of art deco returns. The intriguing look of the furniture delivers on function: it lends a hand to the sales team.

The Incredible Chair Highlighting the Incredible Car

In the sitting area of a showroom, chairs and tables remain a common sight. The chairs allow browsers to not only relax but also review vehicle paperwork while thinking about financing and other matters. The table provides a place to rest documents. Those are the obvious functional purposes. How does art fit into the picture?  Imagine a table and chair combo integrating classic art deco twist designs. The notion of style, art, and function work well together in a not-entirely-subliminal way. The art deco table/chair combo complements the luxury car displayed not too far from it.

Give the Entire Showroom the Right Look

Dull furniture in a luxury car dealership undermines marketing psychology. What buyer would completely trust a dealership skimping on its furniture? Is the dealership cutting costs due to tough times moving models or from honoring warranty claims? A luxury dealership must come off as successful. Investing in art deco furniture displays a status of success.