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After we finally built a big new office, I knew that we needed to do what we could to make the space warm and welcoming. We started working on finding beautiful art pieces to make the space beautiful, and before we knew it, we had an artist who was excited about creating custom art just for us. He worked hard day and night to finish the commissioned pieces, and by the time they were finished, our entire building was ready for the decorations. This blog is here to help you with choosing great art for your office and knowing how to incorporate them into your normal decor.



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Seven Strategies For Making Your Jewelry Look Its Best When Displayed

If you sell jewelry, you know the importance of putting some effort and attention into your display. Make your pieces the star of any show with flattering photos for online sales and equally-attractive displays for retail venues.

Seven ways to make your handcrafted items look even better when displayed are:

  1. Take some pictures. Sometimes it helps to get a different perspective on how your jewelry looks in a display. Try taking a picture to help see it through your customer's eyes, and possibly point-out areas that need work.
  2. Give it enough space. Don't try to crowd your display too full, even if the display is small. Little is more, and plenty of space can help buyers truly see each piece without becoming overwhelmed. If all of your pieces won't fit comfortably in your display, hold a few back until something sells.
  3. Consider your background. There is a reason why high-end jewelers and retailers display their wares in cases lined with dark-colored velvet; a solid piece of fabric with a sheen can be flattering for metals and pieces that sparkle or shine. This helps provide contrast, which can accentuate details that might otherwise get missed by the eye.
  4. Flatter your pieces with forms. Make an investment in specialized hangers, forms, and models to put your jewelry in the best possible light. This will help your customers imagine how the piece would appear when worn, which can lead to a sale. Mannequins are also a great way to highlight handcrafted jewelry for photos or in a retail space.
  5. Handle carefully. Handle your pieces carefully and watch for fingerprints. You don't want to mess-up the aesthetic of your work with unsightly smudges; buy a box of latex gloves for handling your pieces when photographing your work or setting up displays to prevent this issue.
  6. Take time to remove tags. Take the time and make the effort to remove any tags, labels, or stickers before photographing; obviously, you will want these on your items when displayed but try to keep these small, neat, and subtle
  7. Pass on too-many props. Keep your props simple and minimal; you want your jewelry to be the center of attention, so be very particular about which additional pieces and display 'extras' your jewelry shares a space with.

Try these tips to make your jewelry stand-out and grab the attention of potential buyers. Putting as much effort into your display as you do your jewelry pieces themselves can yield increased attention and improved sales. Contact a gallery, like Chicago Art House Gallery , for more help.