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Choosing Art For Your Office

After we finally built a big new office, I knew that we needed to do what we could to make the space warm and welcoming. We started working on finding beautiful art pieces to make the space beautiful, and before we knew it, we had an artist who was excited about creating custom art just for us. He worked hard day and night to finish the commissioned pieces, and by the time they were finished, our entire building was ready for the decorations. This blog is here to help you with choosing great art for your office and knowing how to incorporate them into your normal decor.



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Where To Find Reclaimed Wood For Your Art Projects

You may be a do-it-yourself buff and really enjoy creating your own artwork from unexpected items like scrap metal or string art. You may have decided to branch out into a new direction and follow the popular trend of creating your own reclaimed wood art to hang on your walls at home. Where do you find this wood? There are several places you can go to find just the right pieces for your next project.

Old Barns

When you live in the country or even perhaps take a drive in a rural area, you will find plenty of old and retired barns that are in disrepair. If you come across an old, abandoned barn and you really like the look of the wood, then approach the owner and ask if you could purchase some of the beams or siding for your project. Don't just go and take the pieces, The owner might even be able to help you pick pieces where the overall structure won't be compromised when you take a beam.

Shipping and Packing Crates

Another great way to find reclaimed wood is to search for old shipping and packing crates. Many of these crates were made with beech wood which could go perfectly with any garden or backyard project you have in mind. If you live near warehouses or manufacturing plants that are in constant need of shipping and packing crates, head there and ask the companies if they have any they intend to sell to resale companies. These companies then sell the crates to consumers. You can save them time by offering to buy a few yourself or see if there are any local resellers in your area. Make sure the crates you choose are not chemically treated and are still of their natural wood before you buy.

Salvage Yard

A salvage yard can yield some great results when you are looking for reclaimed wood for your projects. This is where many construction companies and homeowners have discarded their renovation leftover pieces and much of the wood is still in great condition. You can find beautiful wainscotting that can be repurposed or even parts of oak counters and cabinets that you can break down and use for something else.

Shipyard or Docks

You can find some fantastic pieces of wood at a shipyard, boat builder or dock. Every year, older boats are retired and taken apart to use for scraps for other projects or refurbished into newer boats in which they want an old-style feel to the new design. You can ask around at these companies for any pieces of wood that they will not be using and buy from them. You can find great rustic pieces that will give your art project an old-world feel. Also, since the boat is already waterproof, you can be assured that your art pieces can withstand the weather for years to come should you be making pieces for your yard or garden.